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Lawn Care Maintenance Program:
Our lawn maintenance program consists of three primary aspects. Our season starts with the spring clean-up it serves as a foundation for all of our other services. The weekly mowing of your property is the most visible aspect of our services. Mowing at the proper height and schedule help facilitate a dense, smooth, uniform turf and reducing competitiveness of many weeds. Below are the services included in your lawn mowing maintenance plan. Our lawn service season is usually then concluded with a fall clean-up. Click here to view a service map of the State of Connecticut. Please contact us with any questions or requests.

  • Mowing of all turf areas
  • Trimming of all edges, trees and sidewalks
  • Driveway surfaces will be blown clear of grass clippings and debris
  • Additional services available include soil testing, fertilization, weed and pest control.

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